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This was Bill (William Valliere), one of the cats in this photo is a personal friend of mine, Garfield. Bill co-founded The Endangered Animal Sanctuary in Don Mills Ontario 1974. I worked there for short period of time in the late 1980’s. There are less than four thousand wild tigers left, but thanks to many people like Bill, there are over ten thousand in North America alone.


Have you ever heard a Tiger roar? Lions and Tiger are as loud as 114 decibels. Garfield wasn’t loud, he never had the need to be heard, he communicated quite fine without it. A lot of so called animal activists tend to be really loud. We see them at all kinds of protests on the news, hear about them being arrested because of some “direct action” on a farm. They echo in the halls of social media, of how bad the animals have it as a result of us, uncaring humans.


I don’t listen to animal activists’ opinions of tigers, they have never brushed the teeth of a tiger, I have.


I was a full time working traveler for most of the late 80’s and early 90’s, I’ve worked farms, ranches and entertainment groups (circus related, and TV commercials). I have never met a single person in any of the above who was cruel to the animals in their care,
not bloody once.

In today’s world, there seems to be a sense that if a group of people are loud enough, that some how that makes what they say more important than the people they are talking about. Garfield would have told you that’s bunk. When a 700 pound tiger tells you that your full of it, everyone knows he’s the authority.

One of the most damaging loud mouths currently is PETA. PETA kills up to 90% of the animals it “saves”.1. The ELF, another very loud group, has been responsible for more than $43 million dollars in property damages in the late 90’s2 . Animal Rights activists are not peaceful protesters, IMHO they are nothing more than thugs3. The zealots are worldwide 4 , and are on the verge of being declared terrorists5 . The list of bad apples goes on and on, and they have lost the support of people who actually work with animals are do have real world concerns over animal welfare, including myself.

If you want to really know how animals are cared for, go help a farmer. Run away and join the circus, literally. There are hundreds of real God fearing animal lovers out there, that help save animals from extinction, including hunters. The real facts are far more important, than the fantasy of a few millennials.

RIP Bill.

– wolfe



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