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“I have six locks on my door all in a row. When I go out, I lock every other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the locks, they are always locking three.”–Elayne Boosler

Well, some how we managed to survive the Vancouver Winter Olympics of 2010, which I was hoping to completely avoid by moving back east before it started, well the move is still coming. When this event was first announced I was part of a research team hired by Chris Shaw to investigate one small aspect of it, namely a little unknown company called Millennium Developments. This was just before I left the left so to speak, and was still involved with that circle of people who were connected with Vancouver Indymedia, and the Green Party.

My issues with the Olympics back then were relatively simple, in fact it could be boiled down to just one thing. I didn’t want to pay for them. People who try to stop something in one area of politics tend to follow the adage, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. This is something that I have learned is a very bad idea, because you may in fact win on one issue, but you will always loose on at least five more.

Out of all the events that took place over the last two weeks, I only paid attention to two. One was the gold win by Maelle Ricker, the other I intentionally avoided till it was over, that being “the” hockey game. (I’m a Soccer Fan)

Now that it is over, I was hoping to avoid writing anything about it on my blog at all until I read this post on democracynow.org, which to warn my fellow preppers is completely left bent.

There was so much in that article that pissed me off I don’t even know where to begin.

First off, “… one of the most devastated communities as a result of the 2010 Olympic Games …”, is a crock of bull shit. The Vancouver East Side is not a community, it’s a Red Light District. It a collection of people who have lost touch with the reality that it takes hard work, determination, self-respect, and individuality to make a go at life. If the people who live in this slumlord haven think they have had it rough during the Olympics, they should say that to the face of those who lived through the Munich massacre. The war cry of these degenerates who beg on the sides of Vancouver Streets, screaming protest slogans, and demanding handouts need to get real about what they are. Chris Shaw who openly supports them should know from his vast knowledge of biology, what kind of people they are when they benefit at the expense of the others. Parasites.

I admit to having been all of the things I just called those that live in the worse section of the city. I was all those things as well, for the same reasons that many are there now, including being one of the socialist self-righteous loud mouths who protested at every turn. The difference between them and me now? I grew up.

Libby Davis, has been around since dropping out of University in the Downtown East Side since I’ve been alive. She claims that they have the right to be there. I agree totally, people have the right to live in slums, high crime rate areas, surround by drug addicts, violence, thieves, welfare bums, and demand that some one else fix it with tax payer money. If it doesn’t get done for them, let them take it out on the elected member of parliament, after all nanny.gov is there to solve all your problems, right? Just remember that no matter what you claim is your right, you don’t get to call it a real natural right unless it applies to every other human being on the planet equally, and a right is not a demand. A right opens opportunity, not a bank account. A right protects you from theft, not allow you to use the government to do your stealing for you just because Revenue Canada has guns.

The truth? The truth is that you do not have any rights that do not stem from the individual. The people of the Vancouver East Side do not have a right to be there unless they actually own it, or have entered into an agreement with those that do by mutual consent. And if they break that agreement they forfeit that right to be there. Dignity has nothing to do with the types of clothes you wear, it has to do earning respect, it’s not free, never has been. If you want good housing, get a job and buy one. If you want parks, and a nice community center, pay for it. If you can not afford these things, if the area you live in is so bad that your life is literally at risk …. MOVE! And please don’t come crying to me saying you can not afford to move, I came here with my family with $40 in my pocket, we WORKED our way across Canada.

Elaine Durocher made the claim in that propaganda piece by Aaron Mate, that the Olympics took money away from the “poor people”, which begs the question, what money? Since when do “poor people” have money that can be taken away? Since when does a poor person have money to pay income tax, property tax, and all the other bloody taxes in this country? The only assumption I can make about Elaine’s claim is that either she is out right lying, or she is talking about the “entitlements” to someones money! Which IMHO makes her a thief!

“ … since the Olympic bid, we’ve seen approximately 1,800 units of market housing and condominiums being built in the Downtown Eastside, while we’ve lost approximately 1,300 units of low-income housing. … “ – HARSHA WALIA

Translation: “ Since the Olympic bid, we’ve seen approximately 1,800 units of high cost housing and condominiums being built and bring in real trade jobs to the Downtown Eastside, while we’ve lost approximately 1,300 units of tax payer supported housing for people who never learned a trade.”

The piece basically goes on and on from there with the main key words being “social housing”, it a bitching piece, and has nothing to do with giving a balanced view, two sides of the issue, it’s nothing more then junk spam on the internet. Made me want to puke.

There was some more thoughts on the missing women, their families/friends showed up for it. Made me think about my parents immediately. When I was on the streets in Toronto, I once got the crap kicked out of me by my future brother in law, (my claim to fame is surviving that one), and my parents got wind of it and came running downtown to rescue me. I have only one question directed to the families of the missing women, in fact I direct it only to those families related to the last half of the women that went missing on the Downtown Eastside, not the first half. As they may not have been completely aware as to how high risk the lifestyle of their family member were at the time. So to the last half, I ask this …. WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU WHEN THEY WERE ALIVE! ’nuff said.

I work predominantly with women, and I can say, confidence, that approximately 70 percent of women that I know who turn to drugs turn to drugs because of childhood trauma of sexual assault and of child apprehension. And, you know, addictions are a—they’re a symptom of something. They’re not anything in and of themselves. And there’s reasons why people are addicted, why people are drinking, why people are forced into these desperate situations. ” – HARSHA WALIA

Harsha, I know someone that you do not want to meet. My wife. If you made that statement to her I guarantee that she would, for the first time in her life, turn to violence and kick the crap out of you. Which to be honest I would love to see, because if she managed to get past the pain, the fear, and even get up and walk across the street, it would be enough to make my day. But I doubt that it will ever come to that. She will, being more self-controlled then myself, hold herself in check, and drive her scooter past you on the other side, avoiding people like you who make excuses for the weak is something she is better at then me.

She doesn’t even take Aspirin.

There is not one person in all the years I have been on this planet I have met, or read about, or seen on TV, has went through compared to my wife’s childhood. Social workers who give penance to those that have been abused serve them a platter of future heartaches. What this society needs is shift justice, and restitution to the victims, when one infringes on the real rights of others they loose their own. Take a life, loose your own. Yes, I believe in Capital Punishment. I do not believe in it as a deterrent, I believe it is prevention directly to for future victims.

It is important to note at the end of my rant here that none of the problems these people have put themselves into was in anyway related to the Vancouver Winter 2010 Games. (Yes, I am using the copyrighted official names, bite me) But I am still not paying for them, I’m leaving remember?

Enjoy the Eastside Guys, if you thought it was tough now, wait till the bill come in.


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