Dan Wolfe Foscarini

Scenic Painter and Software Engineer in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dan is a Linux geek, author and artist who still writes in BASH for fun, a scripting language used by UNIX & Linux to run back end processes. He has spent the last 20+ years actively learning and writing, about the self-reliance lifestyle.

Dan grew up in Toronto, Ontario and met his wife Carol of 30 years. They moved to the outskirts of Vancouver, British Columbia in the early ‘90’s where they raised four sons. Now a grandfather, he is more than ever inspired to help the public educate people to properly prepare for disasters.


I hate labels, and the main reason is because I fail at living up to what other people think those labels mean. I have been called many names, not all of them nice, and some of which I tend to agree with at times (including the not so nice ones).

Three Rules

I try to live my life under three rules. The first has to do with the scientific method, the second with meme-matics, and the third with reciprocal altruism.

Rule One

It is impossible for any claim to be invulnerable, in order for a claim to be true it must be able to propose a theory to explain the claim, and the theory must be able to test it to be true by experiment which can be repeated with future results the same. Although, observations can be made about reoccurring events allows us to create a theory which should also lead to making actuate predictions.

Rule Two

Ideas are the most useful and dangerous things, they never die, they evolve, and can be the greatest Enemies, or the best Allies. All knowledge is useful regardless of the source, it is the responsibility of the user of that knowledge to to good with it. One must seek a life which is full of wisdom and knowledge, become self-reliant, and learn to do with out.

Rule Three

Every action of another costs, and should be repaid in kind. This isn’t an eye for eye, but rather an equilibrium of cause and effect. Treat others as you want to be treated.


Morals have been, and still are a big issue in my personal life. I have been known to ask people I meet for the first time, a set of test questions to figure out where they are coming from, a bit of social engineering on my part to set up an interesting conversation, and the one question I always ask is … What do you believe is the difference between Right and Wrong? I hardly ever get a unique answer to that. Many people tell me that they based the difference on what the bible tells them, what they were taught in church, or what society or the law says. To me every single one of those answers is a wash out. Because it isn’t what they based the difference on, but what some one else based it on, including God if you believe in Him/Her. I really do believe that the deference between Right and Wrong has to be personal. It can not be based on anything beyond your own ability to choose, and rationally think out for yourself. To me this translates into a personal idiom for me as, Right and Wrong are divided by Harm, weighed by intention, and balanced by responsibility. If you can figure out what I mean by that, your half way there.

Current Employment

I love art, with all the classes I have ever taken at countless colleges the only one I care about is Fine Arts. I joined the IATSE trades union as a scenic artist in the last year, and have run a painting company here in the lower mainland of BC, Canada for a number of years as well.

I still write, and still work on code, but the arts are my passion.

Past Employment

Information Broker

I was an Information Broker for close to twenty years. I left the business mostly due to a change in my political beliefs of which did not allow me to keep my then current client base. I also needed a career change from thinking 24/7 which is more stressful then painting.

Caravanner: Seasonal Work

When my wife and I were young, we wanted to travel. With the exception of working as an Information Broker in the Winter, we did. I didn’t make enough money in the winter to tide us over the full year, so we worked as season workers, and created arts and crafts to sell at flea markets and special events.

Before I was married, I worked for my Dad for a few years. I never finished becoming an electrician, but you may have noticed my references to trades and electrical work when I try to describe a chain a of thought in my writings. This is due to my weekly conversations with my Dad, and my time with his business.


I believe that charity is an important part of doing what is right, and full-filling our neighbourly responsibilities. This includes volunteering for a cause you believe in.

American Preppers Network

The American Preppers Network (APN) is a non-profit corporation and part of a growing international movement of people who call themselves preppers. The social network is organized by state and regional blogs and forums. The members are volunteer contributors who are dedicated to providing free information on survival, preparedness, self-sufficiency and sustainability.

– Wolfe