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Well, as we try to decide what to get rid of, one thing was easy. We are eating our food preps, and there are many things that come to mind that we did wrong. First off, you should be always eating through your preps, rotating the food supply is the best way to make sure you have food stored that you like to eat, and that it doesn’t get stored for so long that it spoils. The other that only occurred to me as a result of having almost all the cookbooks packed already was to keep your favorite recipes near the food that is stored. It would also be a good idea to store dry ingredients already mixed for soups, stews, and mixes such as pancakes. The best place to store these are still in mason jars, but the other thing we have learned is that non of the many many many mason jars we have will not travel well, so they are in the garage sale. Which also explains why we are eating through our preps, we need to empty them, and most of our good preps that did not spoil are in mason jars.

One other thing that I have learned this last week while we try to get what is turning into a never ending task of sorting and packing is that I am really looking forward to getting out of British Columbia. As the Olympics get closer, I keep thinking to myself how much better off we would have been to have moved back to Ontario five years ago when we had the chance. We should have jumped on it, and because of that thinking, I find myself making easier choices about what to keep, and what not to.

My advise, or lesson learned this week could therefore be wrapped up into saying that you should always live as if you would never get another chance. If your gut tells you, you should move out of the city, do it this month, do not wait till you can do it, make it happen.


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